What You Need to Know about Credit Card Debt in 2010

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  1. Susan Gibbons says:


    I hope your new Start Over, Finish Rich book will be the real deal to help all of us achieve becoming debt-free in as short a time as possible. I look to you to be the voice of hope for all of us struggling to leave the old ways behind and get back to cash only. When us Baby Boomers were growing up it was ok for our parents to do a house mortgage, a car loan and to buy your household appliances on credit at Sears. Not toys, clothes, and all the other merchandise one saw in the stores……The Baby Boomers were naive in believing the “finance company officers” who sold us on the false premise that all our debt was good debt and that’s the way the world is supposed to be…..it was a very dangerous viewpoint. It has led to so much emotional, as well as, physical distress in so many of our lives!!!! My husband and I often disagree on methods, but, we have been working very hard the last two months to get back our lives, our sanity and our peace of mind, by trying to figure out how to pay down $100,000 using the income we have while trying to make sure we pay our living expenses (mortgage, transportation, electric, phone, oil bill, food, etc.) payments without falling behind. Unfortunately, there is no room for medical bills, dental bills, home repair/maintenance, car repair or emergency savings while we try to get this done……this is where we all need some realistic, concrete, practical methods to help us accomplish making our money work to take care of these other important aspects of medical care and upkeep of our modest homes……

    Thank you for all your guidance and practical strategies…..we’ll be watching you for more good, solid advice.

    Wishing you many blessings to you and yours in the new year.

    Susan Gibbons

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